Project Sponsors

Projects in Opportunity Zones (OZ) will take many forms but, in many cases, are opportunities for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial real estate developers (“Project Sponsors”) to attract capital through a targeted investment vehicle. For entrepreneurs looking to attract capital to a new business venture or real estate developers looking to build multiple projects across OZ areas, the JMP platform provides a unique means to attract capital, raise the visibility of the project and accomplish investor transparency. Specifically, JMP’s services for Project Sponsors include:

Partnership/Entity Accounting

  • General Ledger

  • Reconciliations

  • Investor Allocations

  • Quarterly Financial Statements

  • Annual Financial Statements

  • Investor Capital Statements

  • Annual Audits and Tax supporting information

  • Treasury and Secretarial

  • Corporate Formation

  • Annual Filings

  • Project Cash Flow Management

  • Loan processing and covenant compliance

  • Investor Distributions

  • Disbursements/collections


  • Coordination with legal counsel

  • Coordination with auditors